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Oh Hell No - You give us Girlfriends and it ends like that?

Alright, as some of you may know, I've been watching a whole lot of old television. Well, 7 months worth to be exact. You know, "Live Posts...Late" where I talk about shows everyone else has seen except for me. I've gone through Scandal, The Wire, Ballers (not so old but I needed a break from the Wire), and Girlfriends and some other things I won't tell anyone about. Anyway, I literally just finished Girlfriends and my first thought was "Oh Hell, No". I was in for an "Oh Hell, Yes" honey.

A little background, there are 8 seasons, the first 7 are 20 something episodes for a 30 minute TV time slot. Since the show is up on Netflix now there are not ten minutes of commercials so, each episode is 20 minutes. So I breezed through those. Unlike The Wire's raggedy behind one hour episodes. No offense to the Wire except I hated it. Not because it was bad, it was a well done show, but because I was feeling depressing feelings every single episode. You know what, The Wire isn't meant to be watched in a batch but literally one episode a week. Scratch that one episode a month only on the very best days of your life when you're like, you know, I can't be this happy. I should really level this out. That's when you watch the Wire.

Anyway, I got off track. I was excited for season 8 because it was shorter and honestly shorter seasons are my faves but not too short (Insecure). Oh yeah I watched that show too. I thought they would tie everything up in a bow and I'd go upstairs and get ready for bed with some sort of satisfaction. Oh hell no!!! I'm mad.

Apparently, there was a writers strike in the industry that year. By apparently I do remember that being a big deal and topic of discussion because I may or may not have been dabbling in trying to make a career in film and television. Why is my student loan bill so high? Oh yeah, that MFA you didn't complete. Yeah, so apparently, the writers went on strike which meant production got halted you know the deal. The way episode 13 ended was clearly not the finale.

I looked things up and I found out that the network decided after the writers strike was over and everyone was going back to work that oh yeah we don't have the budget for the show anymore. More like, we don't wanna. Yup those heifers just up and abandoned the whole the show. Season 8 was the worst of the seasons, kind of how the last season of Roseanne was weird and not that funny. Season 8 was just a struggle bus of ideas. Yeah we should deal with real stuff but dag gone it what are we even doing?

Even so, I stayed the course. I didn't waver. I watched the whole season in a week or something like it. I'm disappointed. Kelsey Grammar the executive producer and Mara Brock Akil the creator or somebody in Hollywood better find somebody to at least write the finale and give it to the people. *Hi hello, if you're in need of another Black woman in the writer's room. Hey girl hey!!!" Bring all the girlfriends back, give me some hope in Black girlfriends and relationships and life in general. It's a whole pandemic during an election year; when we get out of this we're gonna need our girlfriends. Even Toni. Bring her back. Even if she and Joan can't be best friends which is highly unlikely in life, there is potential for them to make amends together. You know that awkward hug when you see someone at a funeral or reunion and then you end up sitting in the back of the church talking. Something like that.

All I'm really saying is I really didn't need a 20 something episode season of Girlfriends season 8 but tying up some loose ends would've been nice. Did Aaron die or return, do Maya and Darnell get their baby girl, does Lynn find the success and contentment she's always craving? Dag gone it, I really need William to gush over his daughter even though he thought it was going to be a boy. Throw in a line about the good ole days before gender reveal parties and fires. Saying, "oh hell, yes" is what I was waiting to do. And finally, do they all walk off into the sunset and trip over their heels because why are you walking that way in the opening credits anyway?

Give us the Girlfriends we all deserve.

I typed this draft at 1:30 in the morning because I'm so upset this couldn't wait. I will wait to publish later. Haha! Thank you for your time.

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