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Live Post...Late: Episode 1

Episode one of Live Post...Late with Cecily Alexandria is out on YouTube. So much to talk about. SCANDAL!!!

There's so much to talk about Scandal season one, that I will have to do a part 2 and bonuses. First of all, nobody told me this show was so good. By nobody I mean I just don't listen. Second, very early on I got sucked in.

It was as if it was one of my basic needs of survival. Sleep, food, water, shelter, Scandal repeat...mostly in that order. I had so much to figure out. Who are these characters? What is Olivia Pope and Associates which I don't think I'll ever know. It's not a law firm, not a PR firm, but they dabble in all of it? What is that called? A dabble firm?

I immediately find out who I love and who I could live without, Quinn please leave the building. I love me some Huckleberry Finn. Oh Huck he's just a tense, maybe sad, yet brilliant man. I want him to be my friend. Not my boyfriend, not my best friend, just a good friend where I never ask "so how'd you learn how to do that". Yet friend enough that I know I can get into and out of trouble with one phone call.

Me: Hey Huck.

Huck: I got you.

End scene.

Abby is just a woman I don't mind being in the room but also wouldn't miss her so much. She is good at her job, so she can stay.

Harrison, I really like Harrison. He knows his stuff. He's also handsome which is not any of their jobs but it's television so of course he's good looking by American unrealistic standards of beauty. They all are, except for Cyrus which we haven't even gotten to him yet.

I'm all for Olivia Pope. I don't want to be Olivia Pope because who needs that kind of mind stress? However, please someone come teach me how to walk like her. I need to get some things done and if I walked like Olivia I'd have all the things. All of them.

An accurate depiction of me trying to walk like Olivia.

I discuss more in episode one and have so much more to say in future episodes. Please follow this blog, like and subscribe on my YouTube channel so you can stay up to date on it all. Thanks for visiting. See you soon with more.

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