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Live Post...Late: Shonda Rhimes is a Legend Already

Okay, first of all, what kind of superhuman writer/creator is Shonda Rhimes? Who is she? All I know is somebody needs to put her in the Writer's Hall of Fame...NOW!!! I don't even know if there is a hall of fame for writers. If not I submit my vote to have one solely based on Shonda's work with Scandal.

On this episode of Live Post...Late with Cecily Alexandria, I just sing praises about Shonda. That's it. I don't know who I've ever been this hype about before. Jesus, yeah sure, but have you watched Scandal? I'm joking, I do not compare deities to mere superhumans.

I mean a part of me is excited about Scandal because I'm a writer. To think about writing just the Scandal pilot makes my brain hurt though.

Okay but seriously, you have one main story that goes throughout the season. Fitz and Olivia. Then you have the story of whomever OPA (Olivia Pope and Associates if you're nasty) is representing. Then you have smaller character development of the rest of the cast. How? Ma'am, ma'am, ma'am! Just one question, please. How?

I'm sure there are writers out there who have very strong criticisms of Shonda's work because...why not? Criticism is to be expected. From where I sit (a livingroom in Philadelphia), I gawk in amazement. This is only for Scandal. She has written a few hit television shows, Grey's Anatomy, How to Get Away With Murder, Private Practice to name some. She's also produced, directed, created, and written other pieces as well. I'm impressed with much of the work she has done. I just wish somebody would've told me about Scandal. Y'all just kept that one to yourselves. Disrespectful.

That is all. Of course, that's not all. I'll stop for now. Seriously, somebody let me know when hall of fame votes open up. It would be great if they can mail my ballot to me like the primaries during this 2020 pandemic. Nonetheless, I'd still go out with my mask and gloves on and cast my vote for Shonda Rhimes. In the meantime, I'd like one ticket to Shondaland, please.

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