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DAD - short film

Black Dad is a short storytelling animation about the process of growing up with a Black Dad. The fun and silly moments, the struggles, and the healing in adulthood. A short film to help change the one-dimensional narrative of Black fathers in western world culture.

Title: Black Dad

Category: Short Film - Animation

Director/Producer: Cecily Alexandria Chapman

Release year: 2023

Length: 6:48:02

Country: USA

Special shout out and appreciation to the BuzzFlick animation team, Kiara Imani, Esq for legal services, Monielle McAllister for sound mixing, and Adam Hardin for music.

Special special shout out to my nephew Asher for the laughter and my brother Abasi for helping to record the laughter and letting me use his recording studio space.

Greatest of shout outs to my father Jay Jr. and my mom Ruth because without either of you this would not be a story to tell.

BLACK DAD - trailer

Black Dad made its world premiere at the Toronto Black Film Festival on Sunday, February 19, 2023 and was featured in the Philly Film February Showcase, Whimsical Times Film Festival (North Carolina), and Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival all in 2023.

After a wonderful season of festivals and showcases Black Dad is making a shift and is becoming a multimedia podcast. This will allow for more stories of Black fathers to be showcased with a more reasonable budget.

Your help is greatly appreciated and needed. A new campaign has just launched where you can help get this podcast started.


As always if you'd like to screen the film at your event or would like to fund or collaborate, please contact us via email at

Thank you for your support and believing in widening the lens on Black stories. Can't wait to hear from you soon.

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